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A collective of amazing artists striving to create fabulous works of caricature art.

Ordering your personalised caricature is very simple, just pick your caricature from our collections, select any options available, then upload your image, you then add instructions as to the names to be added plus the two tone colours of the names to be placed on the caricature. Our talented artists will then get to work to create your caricature.

When complete your caricature will be sent to you as a digital download. Options are also available to add an A4 or A3 size Print for your caricature. 

Our Caricature Collection

Heads & Shoulders

Have your head caricature drawn in colour or black & white

Character Bodies

Select a caricature that shows off your personality we will add your head, we have a full range of professions available if we don't have yours you can request it.

Super Heroes

Choose your Super Hero caricature, we will add your head and make you a Super Hero.


Pet caricatures are very popular send us your image of your Pet and we will create the perfect caricature for you. Anything from a Dog to a Snake.

Business Identity

Create your business identity with one of our personalised caricatures, you can use it for a logo in your business.
T&C Apply

Babies, Toddlers & Kids

For babies & toddlers you can create a fantastic caricature, from fairies to princess's for birthdays to christenings.

Special Occasions

For your special occasion we can create a unique special caricature, can be a wedding, engagement, baby shower, special birthday etc.


Themed caricatures can be used for Xmas, Easter, Valentines Etc.
T&C Apply

High Definition Caricatures

Bespoke caricatures are a special caricature that our artists spend days creating, they are more detailed and involve a great deal of skill to create.

Bespoke Caricatures

We will create your original masterpiece, you can be in a special place doing the hobby you love, like in a racing car, motorbike, or simply a couple on honeymoon. Prices start at £50 complete the information request at the order stage and we will reply with a price.


Add items to your caricature, could be a dog kennel for you dog, if we dont have an extra you can request one.


Add a special background to your caricature, we have a few available can be an xmas scene, a beach scene etc if we dont have what you need please request one.

For Her

Caricatures for the girls, from models to gardeners, from super hero to martial arts. Pick your style and order your fun caricature.

For Him

Caricatures for the guys, from body builders to cowboys, from super hero to footballers. Pick your style and order your fun caricature.


Have your head caricature drawn in colour or black & white

Picatures is a part of Themeshots Leisure Ltd Red Box Studios, 14 Ocean Boulevard, Blackpool, FY4 1PL, United Kingdom. Tel 01253 403200  
Email:-  themeshots@yahoo.co.uk or picentoart@gmail.com


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